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A Privacy First Analytics Platform For Enterprise

Select an analytic platform which scales with your growth, Qonmatic is a privacy centric analytics platform which can scale as you grow.

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Superfast InfluxDB

Every day, we handle millions of quiries, which amounts to millions of requests every second. InfluxDB is designed from the ground up for fast write performance and time-based aggregate queries. Because of the enormous amounts of data produced by our application, InfluxDB is an excellent choice.

Scale As You Grow

Even the most tremendous amount of load will not bring us down. Our core team comprises highly experienced system engineers, and we have developed a highly available and scalable infrastructure to enable our future growth and development. Our infrastructure is quick, scalable, and future ready.

Highly Secured & Privacy Complaint

Security is a major issue for us. Stringent security checks, secure data storage, personnel screenings, and compliance with all relevant laws ensure the safety, stability, and reliability of our analytics platform. GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA are just a few of the data protection, privacy, and international data transfer regulations that Qonmatic complies with.

More Than A Google Analytics Alternative

We, like others, are not only replicating features offered by Google Analytics in a privacy-friendly way, but we are also delivering features and insights not offered by anyone else in the market, including Google Analytics. We ship features and insights to assist you in making better decisions while protecting your privacy.

Take Back Control Over Your Privacy.

Start using Qonmatic today, it take just 5 minutes to get started with our analytics platform without compromising on your privacy and data.