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Usage Based Pricing

You only pay for the pageviews you get, that's it.

Everything that is included:

  • Lightweight tracking script
  • Track unlimited websites
  • You own your data
  • Export data in CSV
  • RESTful API and SDKs
  • Regular email reports
  • Unlimited data retention
  • Create public dashboards
  • Unlimited visitors events
  • GDPR- & CCPA-ready
  • First class customer support
One Simple Pricing

We believe in freedom and absolute privacy hence we don't limit you by the features offered, you only pay for the pageviews you recieve.

$ 7 per month, billed annually
Total Monthly Page Views
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What you get on any plan

Lightweight script

Size of our tracking script is less than 1 kb, which means that we won't bother your website with heavy loadtime.

Track unlimited websites

We only soft-limit you by the total monthly pageviews you get, you can add as many websites as you want.

You own your data

We don't store any personal data unlike Google, with Qonmatic, you own your data and have total control over it.

Export your data in CSV

Easily export all your essential data in a well-formated CSV file with just a click directly from the dashboard.


Our crisp API and powerful SDKs allows you to integrate Qonmatic with almost any application.

Regular email reports

Get regular & well-detailed performance updates about all your websites, straight to your mailbox every week.

Unlimited data retention

You can keep your aggregate data with us for as long as you want. You have complete control over this data.

Create public dashboards

Display your stats to the public easily with our public dashboard feature, or just set a password to limit the reach.

Unlimited visitors events

Create and define unlimited events, track itsy-bitsy of everything about your website by creating events.

GDPR- & CCPA-ready

We have invested a lot to ensure that Qonmatic reaches the highest standards of privacy regulations.

Bypass ad-blockers

Qonmatic tracker by default avoids ad-blockers, so you won't miss any visitors even behind an ad-blocker.

Hosted in European Union

Our platform is hosted within the EU jurisdiction to ensure that you are protected by tough EU privacy laws.


I moved to Qonmatic since it is an ethical analytics platform in which I have faith. It tells me all I need to know about the performance of my website.

Moran Herman - Product Manager Outbrain

Frequently asked questions

The accuracy of online advertising is a fallacy. All we get in exchange for our privacy being violated is advertisements for products we already own (or decided not to buy).

Tech giants just want your data because selling it to analytics and demography businesses generates additional cash. Companies like Google are more of an ad engine than a search engine these days. They're profit-driven. Ads make their business the most money. Of course they're going to be an ad engine.

We only sell a product at Qonmatic. We will not sell your personal information or data. You pay a modest price to get ownership of your data, which we believe is reasonable. Google Analytics is free, but you pay them in the form of your data.

We support all the major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, etc.

Qonmatic offers custom pricing plans for large volume accounts. Feel free to contact us and tell us about your situation and needs.

Yes, you can change your plan at any time. Upon switching plans, your current subscription will be cancelled immediately.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. You'll continue to have access to the features you've paid for until the end of your billing cycle.

Once your subscription expires, you'll lose access to all the subscription features.

Take Back Control Over Your Privacy.

Start using Qonmatic today, it take just 5 minutes to get started with our analytics platform without compromising on your privacy and data.